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The wide availability and eventual affordability of mobile phones revolutionized business towards the end of the last century. But unless business owners were prepared to pay the high charges for roaming, or deal with the inconvenience of buying new SIM cards for every international location they needed to travel to, the convenience of mobile phones was limited to being within a given regional network. These days, many business owners need to be able to travel constantly and work from anywhere in the world. Business is being conducted on a 24-hour basis and transactions can be made in an instant.

This makes it increasingly necessary for companies to look up an IP phone services provider to give them the ability to be contactable, on a dedicated number, anywhere in the world at any time. Basically, the more accessible a business is – the more competitive it can be.

Telx Telecom, one of the top Internet phone services providers in Miami, announces cloud based PBX hosting, which gives businesses instant remote contact with their customers from anywhere in the world with Internet connection. Storing data in β€œthe cloud” is a concept that people are gradually coming to understand. Of course it is only a symbolic word because the actual data that is stored in β€œthe cloud” is really sitting on a massive server in a real place.

Telx Telecom has secure, dedicated servers that hold their clients’ information and ensures it is consistently backed up. The system is guaranteed to be up 99% of the time. This is a huge relief to businesses who have perhaps already tried a hosted PBX system and found it to be unreliable. While there are many benefits from having remote accessibility, it can be frustrating and even embarrassing if phone calls are being dropped, or scheduled conference calls fail, due to the system going down.

Telx Telecom, a leading VoIP service provider in Miami, is helping customers to set up their PBX and keep it running virtually, with no disruptions at all. For potential clients who may be unfamiliar with PBX, Telx Telecom offers a complimentary PBX demo so that a business can try out what it would be like to have a dedicated Internet based phone service.

With this demo, businesses are given a complimentary quote to allow them to compare the cost of a hosted PBX with their existing telecommunication costs. Most businesses will find that they can make huge savings on their phone bills by transferring their requirements to a hosted PBX system. Then, once they have experienced the demo, it is more than likely that they will never want to be without it again.

Database data loads are large files that can reach terabytes in size, and commonly have hotter and colder data regions so it is inefficient to place them entirely on flash volumes. The approach is to cache the most relevant parts of this data to achieve a boost in performance. Caching database data on flash is performed by software which has the capability of partitioning the flash resource pool into two parts – one is used for flash caching, the other for the flash volume itself.

Direct Pass Caching Technology has just been developed which combines a data path cache director and cache analysis engine to deliver optimized SQL Server load-aware caching policies which efficiently select what data is inserted into ZD-XL SQL Accelerator’s flash cache. Another feature is a cache warm-up and analysis mechanism that monitors SQL Server workloads and pre-loads them into the cache. With the business-rule pre-warming cache engine DBAs can identify access patterns and pre-load analytical data into the cache.

Direct Pass Caching Technology’s data path cache director works in conjunction the cache analysis engine to achieve high hit ratios by selecting data for the specific SQL Server workload. The data path cache director differentiates between relevant and irrelevant data access patterns and filters out background processing tasks to prevent irrelevant data from entering the cache.
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