The Huffington Post explains the research further and states

The printer was supplied to Carroll Company by Linx’s US distributor Diagraph.

It replaced an older coder from a different manufacturer and since installation has led to greatly reduced downtime and improved throughput on the line.

β€œThe Linx CJ400 is very easy to set up, changeovers take literally a couple of minutes to execute and we have had absolutely no issues with the printer since it was installed, all of which make an important contribution to ensuring that our line operates at maximum efficiency,” comments Joseph L. Ondriezek, COO of Carroll Company.

β€œIn addition, we like the printer’s sleek design, which is very easy to clean and helps to ensure fast changeovers.”

The Linx CJ400 was launched in response to a major global consultation to research the needs of end users.Β  Offering unique portability, fast set-up and ease of use, it features an Easi-Change Service Module, linux dedicated server,which is changed in minutes, meaning scheduled maintenance can be carried out without the need for a trained technician or costly service calls.Β  Other innovations deliver a significant reduction on cleaning costs, and ink and solvent consumption.

The Linx CJ400’s unique compact design means it weighs under 30lbs complete with fluids, making it the lightest inkjet printer on the market and well within health and safety limits for one person to pick up. Its easy to use colour touch screen means users do not need complicated manuals or training.

At Carroll Company, the coder is operating at around 40 units per minute, well within its capabilities. β€œThe quality of code is consistently excellent,” confirms Mr Ondriezek.

β€œThis is the second Linx inkjet printer that we have installed, following the purchase of a Linx 4900 in May last year,” he continues. β€œWe remain thoroughly satisfied with the performance of both machines.Β  They are easy to install and operate and there is little or no maintenance required.Β  Just as important we have received consistently great service from initial setup through training to on-going advice and support.”

Carroll Company was founded on and remains dedicated to the fundamental business practices of outstanding Quality, Value, and Integrity, and the company looks for the same approach from its equipment and its suppliers.

Divorce is a complicated issue, and while there are many reasons to end a marriage there are also many incentives to avoid a split. Although many may believe that family and emotional distress may be the top reasons why couples avoid divorce, new research suggests that the actual cost of the process is the top concern among troubled couples. As a company that provides an organizational platform for those preparing for divorce, LegalLogs highlights this study, believing that if financial worries could be relieved, many people would exit their unhealthy marriage to enter a better future.

A recent article from The Huffington Post explains the research further and states, β€œAccording to a new survey by legal forum Avvo, couples facing divorce say that the cost of splitting up is their number one concern. Avvo surveyed 890 of their consumer users and 447 attorneys in June 2013 and found that the cost of divorce was the biggest concern for 58 percent of respondents without children. Other top concerns included property division (42 percent), the length of time a divorce would take (27 percent) and alimony (22 percent).”

Chris Kennedy, founder of LegalLogs responds, β€œThis survey is important, because it suggests that there is a great deal of unhappy marriages in the U.S. that are simply holding out due to financial worries. Concern over the cost of a divorce should never prevent one from leaving a bad relationship, so it is essential that individuals understand that there are many ways for them to dissolve a marriage in an affordable manner. One of the best ways to alleviate financial anxiety is to stay organized and document everything from financial records to personal evidence to ensure that you have a solid case for divorce.”

According to Chris Kennedy, the need for greater relief from financial and legal burdens during a divorce is what motivated him and co-founder Erik Lane to create LegalLogs. The tool provides a comprehensive, secure platform that allows individuals to thoroughly document any evidence pertaining to a divorce and share it with a trusted attorney.

This emerging resource is not only able to assist with financial organization, but can also strengthen an individual’s presence within a case to protect parental rights. This latter remains a top worry as The Huffington Post article reveals, β€œFor couples with children, cost is second only to custody concerns, which was cited by 53 percent of respondents.”

As a parent that has gone through divorce and faced child custody issues, Chris Kennedy says, β€œUnfortunately, protecting your parental rights and trying to even gain shared custody will add to the total costs associated with the legal procedures involved in divorce. If you are unprepared or disorganized, the court may take the side of your ex-partner, and thus, waste all your efforts. LegalLogs can help relieve that pressure, protect your assets and strengthen assurance that you can maintain your parental rights.”
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