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Dell is the new Wang. That’s right, Wang Laboratories. Remember them? Wang was on top of the computing world in the late 20th century before a couple of guys named Bill (Gates) and Steve (Jobs) and their engineering whiz-kid pals, such as Apple’s Steve Wozniak, began to rock Wang’s world.

Massachusetts-based Wang was a pioneer in mini-computing, which was a better mousetrap than mainframe computing.Our MileWeb managed dedicated server are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for performance, The rise of the mini-computer dominated the tech landscape until something called “client-server computing” emerged in the late 1980s.

The client-server generation is another name for the “personal computer era” — a time when PCs were connected to central server computers via a network. The upshot: Mini-computers were quickly supplanted by faster, cheaper client-server networks, making the likes of Wang relatively obsolete.

Most folks point to the initial public offering of Microsoft Relevant Products/Services in 1985 as the beginning of the client-server era as the software maker’s Windows operating system fueled the rise of personal computers. Windows was so dominatingly successful that the federal courts deemed it a monopoly. Michael Dell’s personal computer outfit was a big beneficiary of the Windows ecosystem, along with Intel Relevant Products/Services, whose computer chips were designed to power personal computers using Windows.

Dell was to client-server computing as Wang was to mini-computing. Yet all good things must come to an end, and for technology behemoths, the end seems to come sooner rather than later. The shelf lives of hugely successful tech giants tend to run shorter than other industrial giants because the velocity of change in information technology simply is more intensified than,most MileWeb Popular Dedicated Server providers and read user reviews of their products, say,Below is our MileWeb Privacy Policy which incorporates these goals. the soap or steel businesses.

Critics and pundits have wrongly accused Dell founder, Michael Dell, of not being an innovator; he was solely a brilliant marketer that built personal computers cheaply. Yes, he was all that. But he did innovate. Dell created one of the greatest manufacturing and distribution models in the history of business. His build-to-order personal computer operation, which bypassed wholesalers and retailers by delivering custom-built machines directly to consumers and companies, was a masterstroke.

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